October Empties

I skipped last month’s empties post so get ready for quite a few products! Technically, I should have called this September and October empties since it’s a combination of the two months. There’s quite a bit of make up products, a few skincare, and a few haircare products. Let’s jump right in


October Empties 2.jpg

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel – I was pretty excited about this moisturizer when I first bought it but honestly, this wasn’t that impressive. The cooling effect was nice and I liked the texture but I feel like this didn’t do that great of a job moisturizing long term. It was a short lived act that needed to be followed up with a better moisturizer. I will not be re-purchasing.

Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Gel Moisturizer – When I first got this, I really liked the moisturizer. I liked the texture of it, I liked the cooling effect but as time went on, I realized that this really isn’t that hydrating. Once I rubbed it all in and a little time went by, I didn’t feel like my face was very moisturized any more. I think other moisturizers work better for me, so I will not be repurchasing this.

Murad Acne Control Clarifying Cleanser  – This is one of my holy grail items that keeps my face sans breakouts. Ever since I’ve started using this, I’ve been almost completely zit and blemish free. I keep this in the shower and just wash my face with it every day in the shower and this keeps my face completely clear. My husband uses this too and it works really well for him as well. I would highly recommend this stuff. I’ve already re-purchased during the Sephora VIB sale.

Make Up

October Empties 3.jpg

Becca First Light Priming Filter Face Primer – This is a great primer for anyone that likes a dewy, hydrated look out of their foundations. The lavender color gives your skin a certain tone and with foundation on top of it, it makes it look so healthy and radiant that you’ll find yourself reaching for this primer quite a bit. I haven’t re-purchased yet, but I will be buying this primer again in the future.

Tarte Maneater Mascara – This is a good mascara for those who want to stay away from clumpy lashes. I know there are people that actually kind of like the clumpy look and super wet mascaras and if you’re one of those people, this mascara isn’t for you. This comes with a very precise applicator and does a great job separating lashes. I wouldn’t re-purchase because of the price and because of other mascaras I like more but this is still a good mascara.

NYX Worth the Hype Mascara – If you’re looking for an affordable every day mascara, this one is a good one to check out. It adds length, doesn’t clump and doesn’t break the bank. All great features of a mascara. I would consider re-purchasing this but am currently trying out too many other mascaras to do that soon.

Grande Cosmetics Mascara Primer – I received this in an Influenster package along with the lash growth serum from this brand. This is a good mascara primer but got too thick and dry too quickly for my liking. I’m still loyal to my Diorshow Maximizer so I will not be re-purchasing this and stick to the better option.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Eyebrow Gel – I don’t know if there was something wrong with the batch I got this from, but this was not the same tinted eyebrow gel I got years ago from ABV. This one had a different looking spooley and was way too messy and difficult to work with. Because I’m afraid of the same thing happening again, I won’t be re-purchasing. Plus, I’ve found better tinted eyebrow gels since trying this one out. It’s a shame really, the first time I got this product, I thought it was pretty great. I still love the clear brow gel and will keep repurchasing that one from the brand.


October Empties

12 Benefits Rapid Blowout Argan Oil Blow Dry Spray – This is one of my most re-purchased hair products of all time. This is an essential in my blow out routine and I will keep buying this over and over again. This speeds up your blow dry, makes your hair look shinier and healthier and is just an amazing spray overall. If you blow out your hair, you need this.

Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Oil – I would say I was pleasantly surprised with how good this hair oil was, but Living Proof makes such high quality hair products that this wasn’t really surprising. This kept my hair hydrated at the ends and wasn’t too sticky/hard to work with like some oils can be. I would repurchase this.


The Seaweed Bath Co. Body Wash – Bought this during my first big Amazon beauty haul. Was it a nice body wash? Yes. Would I buy it again? Not really. I don’t think this blew me away enough that I would go out of the way to buy a bodywash online instead of just picking it up at any drug store.

October Empties 4

There you have it guys! 10 products for you this time and a lot of my favorites/holy grail products! Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products mentioned above! As always, thanks for reading!

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