10 Fall/Winter Wardrobe Essentials

I’ve owned a rolling rack for many years now and originally, this was supposed to be there to help me create a weekly “Capsule Closet”. I thought I would pick a few items, hang them up and then just pick from them all week and get creative with my outfits. While that never happened, and my rolling rack has been used as more or less an extension of my overstuffed closet, I do still love the idea of having a “capsule closet”

If someday I had to get rid of all my clothes and only keep ten items, I would have no trouble coming up with those ten. I have a few pieces that I’ve always put on and actively thought about how they’re a closet essential for me. Today, I’m going to be sharing ten pieces that I would keep if I had to come up with a true capsule closet.

I will say, these pieces are definitely more geared towards fall/winter. If I had to come up with a summer capsule closet, it would look very different. So, let me share with you my ten most versatile pieces and why they made the cut.

The Reveal

Here are the ten pieces I would keep : a pair of medium wash jeans, a black pair of skinny jeans, a black bodycon dress, a white button down shirt, a beige (or neutral) V neck sweater, a leopard (or patterned) cardigan, a black turtleneck, black booties, nude pumps and a pair of white sneakers. Now let’s talk about why each item made the list.

Medium Wash Jeans

This one to me, is a no brainer. Everyone needs a good pair of well fitted jeans. Why do I prefer medium wash? Because it goes with everything and then you don’t have to choose between light and dark wash. I personally picked these cuffed Sam Edelman jeans that I recently picked up because I love how the cuffed look goes with pumps, sneakers and booties and I think they’re just really flattering overall. I actually snagged them on sale at Nordstrom Rack and am very, very happy with this purchase.

These jeans can be paired with the white button down top ,the black turtleneck, alone with the sweater, with the button down layered underneath the sweater, the cardigan and basically you get it. Every single top I picked for this capsule closet can go with these jeans. Do I need to say anymore?

Black Pair of Skinny Jeans

I’ve rotated through a few pairs of skinny jeans in the past few years mainly because they substitute dress pants for me at work. Black jeans will always make you look like you put in an effort even though you’re still wearing jeans. They literally go with everything and choosing to go with the skinny version will always be flattering and make an outfit look more chic. I personally love these black ones by Madewell but there are so many good options to choose from for literally every budget.

Black Bodycon Dress

This might seem like an odd choice to some but I personally absolutely love layering bodycon dresses under sweaters, so for fall and winter, this is one of my most used pieces. I like wearing it under chunky sweaters, cardigans, fitted sweaters, you get the idea. I also absolutely love love love wearing this with polka dot tights or patterned tights in general. I got my dress from Forever21 years ago for like $10 and it has served me well but this one is almost an exact version (just a bit longer) and is super affordable.

White Button Down Shirt

This one is also a no brainer. This can be worn so many different ways. It can be worn under sweaters to make that collared look, it can be worn on its own to make you look nice and professional, it can be worn under cardigans for that business casual look… you get it. I just think it’s a really good idea for everyone to have one nice button-down shirt in their closet. That goes for men and women.

Mine is a basic cotton button down from Express that I’ve had for at least 6 years that has served me well for interviews, casual outings and just overall, many winters being layered under sweaters. One of my favorite looks also includes wearing this button down under a black dress. I’ll insert a picture so that you can see the wonder of the white button down below.

Beige (or any solid colored) V- Neck Sweater

Okay, this one is probably too specific and doesn’t need to be a V-neck sweater. It also doesn’t need to be beige. It can basically be any solid colored sweater of your choice, I just personally prefer this beige one I recently got from Mango. These kind of sweaters look great layered and on their own and are great to have in your closet for business casual days and for regular going out days. There’s not much else to say about this one.

Leopard (or patterned) Cardigan

This one is also probably too specific but basically, as long as you have a cardigan with some kind of pattern, you’re set. Why a pattern? Because you need something in this sea of solids that I’ve been talking about. Leopard will always be my pattern of choice (closely followed by polka dots) so that’s why this cardigan was an obvious choice for me. It can be worn with jeans, black jeans, the bodycon dress I talked about, other dresses, skirts, etc. Basically, a very versatile option that I believe everyone should have in their closet.

Black Turtleneck

This one will not be for everyone because I know that people either love turtlenecks or hate them. At least I feel like I’ve never met anyone that didn’t have strong feelings towards this item of clothing. I personally love a black turtleneck and my favorite way to wear it is actually with denim shorts, tights and combat boots. I’ll even insert a picture below that doesn’t go with this whole post but at least you’ll know what one of my favorite outfits looks like.

Black Booties

Good black booties are such a major closet staple that I feel like I constantly hear about people saying they’re on the hunt for a great pair of black booties. I mean, they go with almost every fall/winter outfit and can really dress up a look. I got these ones by Nine West last year and would choose to have the version with the heel for my capsule closet. You can definitely choose flat ones or with a small heel if that’s what you prefer and those would still look great and go with everything else I mentioned.

Nude Pumps

Another item I feel like should be in every girl’s closet. Seriously. Every girl needs a perfect pair of nude heels because they literally go with everything and elongate your legs. Do you need any better reasons that that? I got mine years ago from the Kenneth Cole outlet (RIP) and have worn them probably more than any other heel in my possession. I would recommend these Hazel ones by Sam Edelman because they’re ultra comfortable and look amazing on. By far my favorite heel.

White Sneakers

Last but not least, a good pair of white sneakers. I picked these Carina ones up at the Puma outlet a few months back and have worn it several times with all kinds of outfits – jeans, dresses, skirts, etc. White sneakers go with everything and that’s the reason they’re on this list. Get yourself a pair.

Well, that’s all I have for you guys. What do you think of my picks? What would be in your capsule closet? Let me know your thoughts below and as always, thanks for reading!

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