Asiana Thai & Sushi

Date night has become a sort of sacred thing around this household since our daughter came into the picture. Nowadays, even the simplest date night takes a lot of planning. The simple task of picking a restaurant is now not so simple because the last thing you want to happen on your long-awaited date night is to have a bad experience or below average food.

This time, it wasn’t just date night, it was parents’ night out so multiple couples had to coordinate. Since making plans with your friends as adults is an almost impossible task especially when kids are involved, I knew I had to pick a really good restaurant to make the night worthwhile for everyone.

Enter, Asiana, the restaurant that made Yelp’s Top 100 Places to Eat in the US. Yes, you read that correctly, in the US, not just Cincinnati. Needless to say, seeing a local restaurant make a list like that was very intriguing and shot Asiana to the top of my list of restaurants to visit.

So, let’s start with the basics – cuisine. Asiana is known for its sushi but has a plethora of Thai dishes on the menu (in fact, the official name of the restaurant is actually Asiana Thai & Sushi). The menu is extensive but not in the overwhelming way and literally every roll on their specialty sushi menu sounds delicious. When we went, we ordered a sushi and sashimi boat and picked 10 rolls to try. Every single one was great but there were definitely a few stand outs ( Volcano, Q-Ball and Mexican). We also ordered some crab rangoons and spring rolls as appetizers both of which were also great.

I mean, see this beauty of a sushi boat for yourself.

I highly recommend checking this place out if you live in Cincinnati. The owners were so friendly as we got to chat with them that night and the atmosphere is a fun one. The place is fairly small, and they do not take reservations for Friday and Saturday nights so if you’re going during popular times, I would give yourself a few extra minutes in case there’s a wait. Also, another important thing to note – this restaurant is BYOB.

I can definitely see why Asiana made the Best Places to Eat list. I will happily go back again.

Visit their website here.

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