My Trunk Club Experience and Favorite Pieces

In the era of ever changing trends and fast fashion, sometimes you have to take a step back, evaluate your closet and see if you actually have pieces that have the potential to last through many phases and outlast many trends. I signed up for Trunk Club with the intention of getting high quality, versatile pieces that would last me many years. Now that I’m four trunks in, I think it’s time to talk about my overall experience with this service.


The Basics

What is Trunk Club? It is a subscription service done by Nordstrom for clothes, shoes, and accessories sold through the retailer. You are assigned a stylist who picks out pieces for you every month and you get to decide what to keep and what to send back. I know there’s other services out there like Thread Up that are similar but this one always drew me in because I love shopping at Nordstrom and knew there’d be many brands I love in the trunks.

When I first signed up, I filled out a style profile and then had a live chat with a stylist. They asked me many detailed questions to the point of colors or patterns I don’t like to wear, what parts of my body I like to accentuate, among many others. You also indicate a price range for each category (tops, shoes, jeans,etc) so that the stylists know how to pick for you.

The Cost

You pay a $25 styling fee that goes towards your purchase if you keep any of the items. For those, like me, who have the Nordstrom card, the styling fee is waived so even if you don’t keep anything, you don’t get charged.

How It Works

So once you fill out your profile and describe all your needs, sizes and preferences to the stylist, you pick a schedule. Do you want to get your trunk once a month? Every other month? Every few months? It’s very adjustable and you can constantly change your schedule around to meet your needs. I love that about Trunk Club. I’ve moved my delivery dates around once because I was going to be out of town and every month you get to choose your next delivery date. It’s super convenient.

Then, the stylist puts together your trunk and let’s your preview it. Upon preview, you are allowed to “Veto” certain things and select that they don’t get sent. You can also just have the stylist send all the things you liked in the trunk and not add anything else or you can choose for them to replace the veto’d items with other pieces but those pieces you no longer get to preview. I always choose the second option because I like having more pieces to choose from.  You usually get 12-15 items per trunk.

DSC03593 (1)

You got the Trunk – Now What?

Once the trunk has been delivered, you have the chance to try on the pieces. You usually get a week to try everything on and decide but I’m sure if you requested more days, they would allow it. The customer service with Trunk Club has been pretty great overall. Your stylist also puts the pieces together and makes outfits with everything in the trunk on your Account Page so if you struggle with pairing pieces together, it’s a great tool. Then, when you’re ready to send the trunk back you can either schedule for the trunk to be picked up from your house or you can drop it off at UPS yourself.

My Trunks

As I mentioned earlier, I am now four trunks in. So far, I have kept 6 pieces. I am so in love with every piece I’ve kept and I would say it’s definitely worth trying out Trunk Club at least for a few months. I plan on continuing to get trunks every month and if you follow me on Instagram, you can watch my Trunk Club try on sessions as I always show off all the pieces I receive every month.

My all time favorite pair of jeans was in my first trunk. You guys might recognize them as they’ve made quite a few blog appearances by now. They’re the Kitten style jeans from Sam Edelman and are the softest, most comfortable pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. They are still available here and I would highly recommend picking them up.


I’ve also kept these Sam Edelman shorts that are the perfect length for someone that is not looking for booty shorts but also isn’t exactly going for the mid-thigh look. They’re also high(ish) waisted and super comfy.

One of the dresses I kept you guys have seen in this post that was solely dedicated to it and another one I kept is this gorgeous pink piece that I can’t wait to wear to a special event or a wedding and it’s currently 40% off and such a steal!


The pieces I kept this month will make a feature in my posts about my upcoming trip 😉

If you guys are interested in signing up for Trunk Club, you can do so here (via a referral code)! If you’re still on the fence, follow me on Instagram and watch my Trunk Club try on hauls that might help you make up your mind.

As always, thanks for reading!


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