Five Ways to Style Leather Leggings

I love styling one piece of clothing several ways to inspire you to “shop your own closet” and to get more use out of your clothes in general. I am majorly guilty of constantly shopping and wanting new clothes but sometimes, I force myself to go on a “no buy” and don’t let myself get anything new – I make myself get creative with what I have. During my no buys I am extra inspired to write these kinds of posts so today, I bring you 5 different ways of styling leather leggings.

First, let’s talk about the leggings themselves. Yes, I have the Spanx leather leggings. Yes, they were way too expensive but I got them during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale so they weren’t as expensive and I could justify them a little more. Are they awesome? Yes, they are. Are there a million other leather leggings out there that are probably just as good? Also yes! So, just grab whatever pair you have and let’s start styling.

Sweater + Layering Tee + Sneakers

The first look is probably the most casual and probably one of my favorites. Well, these are all my favorites but like a favorite of the favorites. I took a long tee, put on a normal length sweatshirt and paired that up with the leggings and white sneakers. Why the layering tee? Because I don’t think these leggings look very good with the top of them showing and this way your tush is covered.

Some alternatives for this look include doing a cropped sweater (but still with the layering tee) instead of the regular length one or if you just want to skip the tee, choose a longer sweater. Pretty easy solutions.

Long Cardigan + Tee + Mules

Next up is another casual look. I took the same long white tee that’s in the first look, threw on a long cardigan with pockets and a hoodie over it and finished the look with these Sam Edelman white pointed toe mules that I’m in love with. The shoes make the look a little less casual but still super comfortable and looks great for a day of running errands, a casual lunch date, or going to the movies and burrowing yourself in the cardigan in the cold theater.

Some alternatives for this look are switching the mules out for a pair of girly flats to keep this look a little less casual and more dressy.

Long Sweater + OTK Boots

This one is by far the most worn look for me when it comes to leather leggings. I love pairing them up with a long sweater and over the knee boots to go out in during the winter. You stay warm that way but still look chic. I decided to throw on a pair of brown OTK boots to pair up with my beige sweater and was ready to go. It’s definitely one of the easiest looks to put together.

Some alternatives for this look include doing a non-sweater tunic that’s long enough and still doing the OTK boots or switching the boots out for booties.

All Black Look

I love doing an all black look with different textures. The leggings are leather, the sweater is a crochet material and the boots are suede. You have an all black look but it still looks multi-dimensional. I did slouchy boots for this look instead of OTK in order to create a bigger variety but this is definitely the way I’d actually wear this look myself.

Some alternatives would be to just do the OTK boots instead of the slouchy booties I had on. You could also do an oversized turtleneck sweater which was actually the idea for this look but turns out, my oversized black turtleneck either disappeared or I gave it away and just don’t remember doing so.

Blazer + Heels

Finishing off with the dressiest look. Although, you can almost always throw on a pair of heels and instantly make a look dressy. Here I threw on a navy blazer, kept my long white tee and threw on a red pair of Hazel pumps from Sam Edelman for a pop of color.

Some alternatives for this look would be to replace the white tee with a dressier top. A striped tee would look great here too and is probably what I would actually wear when I wore this look out. You could definitely do the pop of color underneath the blazer too and keep the shoes neutral with a black or nude heel. Basically, there are endless options for this one. I would recommend keeping the top longer though in order not to create the whole “leggings as pants” scenario like I talked about in the very first look.

Which look is your favorite? Do you own a pair of leather leggings? How do you choose to wear yours?

As always, thanks for reading!

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  1. Nikshita says:

    Great outfit ideas… Thanks for sharing.


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